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 Boarding - Full Care:

Full Care includes 2x/day orchard grass hay, and daily watering.  Not included: salt/minerals, supplements, grain, blanketing, and holding your horse for vet/farrier.  Turnout in the arena is negotiable for a fee.  Includes use of both arenas (no appointment necessary with boarding).  Daily and weekly rates available depending on space available.  View our facility pictures and click on Facility.

Shedrow Barn Full Care:  Stall are matted with a paddock.  Due to the barn setup, shavings are not included.  Full Care terms apply.  Shedrow barn boarding:  $260/month.


Arena Barn Full Care:  Stalls are matted 10'x14' with paddocks. Shavings are provided in the arena barn for full care.  Full Care terms apply.  Arena Barn Boarding:  $300/month with shavings.  $280/month with no shavings

* If your horse requires more than an average feed ration per feeding, there will be an additional hay fee of $25.00 to $50.00 a month. Inquire for details. 


* The outdoor arena has native soil, sand, and hog fuel footing.  The indoor arena has native soil, and sand footing (not watered in the winter to prevent freezing).  If you give us advance notice, we can water the outdoor arena prior to your arrival. 


Boarding - Partial Care:

Partial Care includes feeding 2x/day, and daily watering.  Hay is included.  Not included: salt/minerals, supplements, grain, shavings, blanketing, and holding your horse for vet/farrier.  Turnout in the arena is negotiable for a fee.  Stall/paddock cleaning, and shavings not includedIncludes use of both arenas (no appointment necessary with boarding).  Daily and weekly rates available depending on space available.

Shedrow Barn Partial Care:  Matted stalls with paddock.  Shedrow barn boarding:  $190/month.  Partial Care terms apply.


Arena Barn Partial Care:  Stalls are matted 10'x14' with paddocks.  Arena Barn Boarding:  $210/month.  Partial Care terms apply.


* If your horse requires more than an average feed ration per feeding, there will be an additional hay fee of $25.00 - $50.00 a month. Inquire for details.  Full care and partial care services are available if space is available.  No self care services are available. 

Hourly Haul-Ins and Indoor/Outdoor Arena Rental

Arena Use for Haul-Ins is by Appointment Only.  Arena haul-in fee is per horse/per hour (noted as 'hr' below).  See below for rates and time period for rates.  Need to rent the outdoor arena for a clinic, contact us for availability, fees, and details. 

$5 hr: October 1 thru March 31 (buy a prepaid punch card for this season: buy 10 and get one session free)

$10 hr: April 1 thru September 30 (buy a prepaid punch card for this season: buy 10 and get one session free)

* Punch cards are for the season they are purchased for and are not interchangeable or transferable.

Indoor Arena is available year round based on availability and by appointment only.  Outdoor Arena is available from spring thru fall (depending on snow season).  Affordable rates for all day use or to rent for hosting clinics.  Call for availability, and to schedule. 

* Prepaid Indoor/Outdoor Arena Punch Card Terms and Conditions.

Punch cards are for the season in which they are purchased for (time period mentioned on the front of the card). Cards are not interchangeable or transferable. They may only be transferable with consent and approval from the manager and a new card will be issued with the remaining uses left (former card will be surrendered to the manager). Card must be presented at each session to be considered as paid. Arena use is per horse/per hour. Must have a current signed waiver and a signed stables rules on file to participate. To use your Free session, redeem your fully punched card to the manager. Lost punch cards are subject to a $3.00 accounting and reprint fee for replacement. Call for availability and to schedule arena time. No refunds will be given. Punch cards expire in 2 years from the date issued. By purchasing a prepaid punch card, you agree to the terms and conditions.


Horsemanship Riding/Ground Lessons: 
The owner/instructor has 25 years experience with horses, and has been studying natural horsemanship for 14 years.  Staying up to date on equine education, understanding horse behavior, and effective communication is important when it comes to working with horses and students.  Want to learn effective methods to handling horses and minimize problems under saddle?  We can help you learn how to safely handle horses, and improve your experience on the ground and under saddle. 

Lessons are tailored to the individual's experience and background with horses. What we cover beginner or someone getting back into horses: ground safety, grooming, safe tying, handling feet, lunging, understanding horse behavior, arena etiquette, saddling and bridling, safe mounting and dismounting, basic seat, balance exercises, pattern exercises, the power of focus, and other basics.  We will also advance to:  riding with soft hands, improving control, independent riding, advanced rein positions, engage the horses' mind for a better ride, diagnosing issues, and more.  Ground skills will be incorporated in the riding lessons.  We mix it up to keep it interesting so you won't get bored. 

We have one horse available for riding lessons, or you can bring your own.  Stella is a 16 year old Quarter Horse/Mustang cross mare. She has been ridden by riders from beginner to advanced.  More information on her soon.  For information about our Instructor, click on the name:  BonnieCall for availability, and to schedule.  

All students are required to wear appropriate riding boots, and riding helmets if under 18 years old, current signed waiver on file, and follow all safety rules.  Appointments are required. Generally our lesson times are very flexible to accommodate your busy schedule. Call to inquire or to schedule.

So a student can get the most get out of their lesson, I don't typically offer group lessons.  If a group lesson is requested, I will limit the amount of students to 3.  All riders need to be at the same riding level.  Group lesson rates are $20/hr per rider.  Individual lessons are $25/hr.

Cancellation fee: $15 fee with no 24 hr notice.

Horse/Rider Improvement Lessons:

Working with you and your horse to learn basic ground skills for safety, improved horse behavior, better understanding of the horse, and better communication in the saddle.
Lessons are tailored to the individual's experience.  Call for more details.

Colt Starting:
Specialized colt starting and training:  Whether the horse has never been started or is being restarted, all horses will go through basic colt starting.  We work with each horse to Win his Trust and Build his Confidence.  Each horse will get individually evaluated and worked with according to their individual needs during the training process.  We take the time it takes to work on what the horse needs during his training and then the rest of the training comes easier.  We've had great success with starting horses, and rehabilitated and training rescue horses.  Since we don't rush through the ground work, none of the horses we have worked with has ever bucked under saddle.  Our goal is always a pleasant and willing Equine Partner.  A horse that is joy to be with. 

We teach good manners, ground work to prepare for riding, gently introduce the horse to the saddle and bridle, gentle sacking out to build trust and confidence, the first rides, and trailer loading.  The horse will learn to give to pressure and become soft, stand while tied, move his hips and shoulders while under saddle to pressure and away from pressure, stand for mounting and dismounting, developing leads and lead changes, respond to leg and rein pressure, learn to move in patterns such as serpentine's and circles, and other basics. Depending on the horse's former training, there is a 2 month minimum. 3 months is always recommended. Winter Special:  $450 - $485/mo, includes 4-5 training sessions a week depending on the lessons planned, and full care boarding. 

Ground manners:  great program for the youngster.  Your horse will learn ground manners for safe handling, stand quietly while tied, feet handling, trailer loading, and more.  Ground manners Fee:  $315 - $350/mo, includes 3 training sessions a week, and full care boarding.  

Space is Limited.

* Fees, Terms, and Services are subject to change without notice.    



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